About Us

Thanks for stopping by, Glad you want to know about us.

Who are we ? 

We are a team on members who are freelancers based out Globally, Every Team member is responsible for their own job and one common things which binds us together is our love and passion for Travelling. Our team members common objective is to travel the world. 

What do we do ?  

We at ur2day helping you with the updated content on Astrology, Travel, Food, health, Inspiration and many more areas in the coming future. Our objective is to bring content which can help you to change your life in a better way or may bring knowledge that is new to you. 

How do we earn ? 

We will earn from Ad revenue generated from the website, Subscriptions and affiliate commissions. 

Are we bots ? 

We don't use bots for our content, All the content is written via human being and we use softwares to make our work easy like editing and content planner but we don't use bots for our content.   

Are we hiring? 

We are not hiring at the moment, we are a startup and we have just began our operations. We cannot do all our work by ourselves we will need workforce to streamline our process. In near future you can expect a tab "Careers" where we will list our open positions.

Can i work as a content creator with ur2day.com ?

Yes, But it is too early. We are working on our first wave goals, It's part of our second wave strategy. We will let you know via our social media handle about such events.

We do appreciate your feedback. We will be glad to hear from you if:

  •  You have found a mistake in our content.
  •  You want info about us which is not documented on the website.
  •  You have found a broken link / Image.
  •  You have a suggestion for improving www.ur2day.com or you want to request a feature.
  •  You want us to know anything thats urgent.

Mail us at support@ur2day.com or reach us via contact us.